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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds' mobile version

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game developed by Tencent Games. As the mobile version of the hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this game brings all the fun and action of the original hit video game into mobile devices.

This game is largely similar to other action games for mobile such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Rules of Survival, bringing together a huge number of players in a large map. These players then gather resources like weapons and resources and try to survive as the stage continuously shrinks.

Bring the PUBG goodness on the go

With its graphics and features, expect PUBG Mobile to take quite a chunk of your storage space–anywhere between 1.5 to 2GB of storage space including its updates. However, as long as your device can handle the app’s system requirements, you won’t experience any problems running it and enjoying the game. Users will immediately feel the action, showing your customizable character and offers for in-app purchases. An easily visible and accessible feature, however, is the “START” button, which sets you up for matchmaking.

As far as gameplay goes, it retains all the complexities and the actions of the original game even in its mobile version. It sports a realistic and interactive environment, such as plants that move when you pass through them as well as vehicles you can ride around the map and even use to eliminate other players by running through them. It offers smooth animation graphics, which can be seen as you do different actions such as running, crawling, and jumping over obstacles.

It also compresses the full keyboard control from PCs to intuitive mobile control. With a movement-focused joystick on the left side of the screen and a set of action buttons on the right. This can be modified in the settings to adapt to left-handed players or those that need larger buttons. Regardless, it will still take some time to get used to these controls, especially with the fast-paced action that the game offers.

A challenging experience

Aside from the steep learning curve, especially for new players, regular players will still have to contend with a growing problem in PUBG Mobile: cheaters. These are players that use third-party apps that affect the gameplay to their cause, giving them unfair advantages. Cheats include detecting enemies on the radar, moving abnormally fast, and aim hacks that make sure every bullet they fire hits an opponent.

Another persisting concern is the connectivity issues that plague the multiplayer game. Even if you have a stable internet connection, it doesn’t assure you that you won’t get disconnected in the middle of the game. While reconnecting shouldn’t be an issue, in a fast-paced, real-time game such as this, the time you spent away from the game might as well be an opportunity for enemies to pick you out and loot your helpless character.

PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary: New Features and Exciting Updates

PUBG Mobile celebrated its fifth anniversary with version 2.5, offering a variety of new features and enhancements to keep players engaged. This update introduced the innovative World of Wonder build mode, improved game modes, and an array of party items, catering to the ever-growing community of PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

  • World of Wonder build mode: customize maps and gameplay mechanics
  • Payload and Metro Royale mode enhancements for better gameplay experience
  • Updated season and Royale Pass, introducing new cosmetics
  • Imagiversary multi-map makeover: explore Imagination Plazas and Districts
  • Engaging party items: Block Cover, Supply Converter, Portable Trampoline, and Dual-Purpose Cannon

Boost your PUBG Mobile experience with these exciting updates and immerse yourself in the action-packed world of battle royale gaming.

Visit the Dinoground

As of PUBG Mobile 2.6 update, the themed Erangel will include an all-new area. The Dinoground is the game’s version of Jurassic Park, complete with prehistoric dinosaurs roaming the area. Aside from the Dinoground, there are multiple designated Primal Zones that contain dinosaurs as well. More importantly, these primal beasts can be tamed and become trusted companions. As mounts, however, they can only carry one player at a time.

The game mechanics also continue to receive upgrades. Players are now capable of doing certain parkour moves in a separate game mode. Participants spawn in the same location and will have to race across platforming challenges and obstacles. Additionally, a new World of Wonder is featured. It has trampolines, teleporters, and dinosaur spawners that can help players gain an advantage over their enemies.

Dragon Ball Super crossover

Son Goku and his friends are coming over in the dangerous terrain of PUBG Mobile. The fast-paced and action-packed shooter gets a Super Saiyan transformation with the version 2.7 update. Offering new and exciting content from the Dragon Ball Super media franchise, this version promises an extra-special battle royale experience that fans of both fictional universes would not want to miss. 

The event collaboration between the game and the popular series introduces two game modes. In Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode, summoning Shenron allows you to wish for stronger buffs. Collect all seven dragon balls hidden in Sanhok, Erangel, and Livik. Meanwhile, the standalone Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super features characters from the manga and lets you see action on an anime-style map.

In addition to the new game modes, the update brings in a variety of summer-themed gameplay to the World of Wonders. Summer will never be the same again with the new maps, items, and devices waiting for you to discover. In the Classic Mode, a new firearm is set to change how you approach your battles. An assault rifle, ACE32 fires 7.62 mm ammo and works with various attachments.

Version 3.0: Shadow Force overview

Welcoming 2024, PUBG MOBILE ushers in its exciting Version 3.0 Update aptly named Shadow Force. Enthusiasts can plunge into enriched gameplay on favorite maps — Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok — enhanced by innovative features designed to revitalize combat strategies. This update unveils clever items like the Shadow Blade, Skytether Hook, and Proxy Scout to enrich player arsenals and introduce new tactical twists.

Dive into the current themed combat mode available until March 11, which premieres the Shadow Blade — a melee weapon infused with a mystical aura capable of inflicting damage to enemies in close quarters, with its Draw Slash skill improving maneuverability. The Skytether Hook represents an aerial tactic for ambushes or swift escapes. Meanwhile, the Proxy Scout offers a taste of espionage — deploy a decoy scout to mislead enemies and gain the upper hand.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the game is set to combine warfare with whimsy, introducing romantic photo spots and a charming two-seater bike for duos seeking in-game camaraderie. Keep an eye out for the imminent Metro Royale map rework and further enhancements to the World of Wonder, promising to keep the battlefield as unpredictable as it is engaging.

Winner, winner chicken dinner

One of the best battle royale games available, PUBG Mobile pushes the limits of your device to bring you a lifelike survival experience. Of course, it comes with a hefty storage requirement but that’s to be expected from games like this. It’s definitely worth it, with its great translation of the game for mobile devices. While it still has its problems, such as cheaters and connectivity issues, these are not widely prevalent and you can still enjoy a good battle royale game.


  • Controls adjusted for mobile version
  • Impressive graphics and animation
  • Great environment design


  • Cheaters are prevalent
  • Game struggles with connectivity issues

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PUBG MOBILE for iPhone

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 3.1.0
  • 4.1

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