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How to Get Better at PUBG Mobile in 3 Steps



Do you play the Battle Royale that’s PUBG Mobile? If so, you’re part of a hub that connects players worldwide. You have learned to survive, scavenge for supplies and weapons and eliminate opponents.

Are you winning? If not, here’s how to improve your chances of getting better at PUBG Mobile.

  1. Make Sure You Land in a Good Place

    How to Get Better at PUBG Mobile

    You can fall fast when you jump out of the plane to start the game but think about landing away from other players. You’ll have a better chance of getting supplies and a vehicle. On a PC, tap the W key, or on Xbox One, push the left stick forward to do a “swim” movement horizontally. Opening your chute higher will also let you move sideways and land wisely.

  2. Use Vehicles Smartly Early in The Game

    How to Get Better at PUBG Mobile

    Don’t avoid cars because they’re noisy. A vehicle can get you into a good position for the whole game. Get to know the places where cars spawn and land near one. Early in the game, players are further apart, and driving isn’t that dangerous. But when the circle starts getting smaller, drop the car or use it to trap other players.

  3. Learn How to Kill Opponents

    How to Get Better at PUBG Mobile

    At some point, you will have to kill someone if you want to win PUBG Mobile. So a good strategy is to become familiar with your weapons and get into fights to gain some combat experience. Learn how to shoot and what to expect from your weapons by jumping into areas where lots of players congregate.

    This will avoid getting panicky near the end of the game when you want to be the last player standing.

Why Learn to Get Better at Playing PUBG Mobile?

More than 50 million play the game every day. One of the most popular mobile games is leading a trend towards mobile e-Sports. It’s exciting to play against people from around the world.

Learning how to get better at the game can only enhance the experience.

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