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How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile in 3 Methods

Shaun M Jooste


PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer battle royale style game. In PUBG, the goal is to survive until the end and kill as many enemies as possible. All players start off the game with nothing.

However, you can use UC (Unknown Currency), the in-game currency, to buy premium items and help your player have an edge on the battleground. You can purchase this currency using real money or earned during the game.

But, if you want to save yourself cash, we’ll show you how you can earn free UC in PUBG Mobile. While hacks and tricks are possible to get free UC, these methods are considered illegal. The methods we share below are all legitimate ways of getting free UC in PUBG mobile.

How to Get UC Free in PUBG Mobile

Method 1: Use Google Opinion Rewards

You can download the Google Opinions Reward App on your android phone from the Play Store. You can then use this app to answer survey questions in exchange for rewards. The rewards are usually in decent sums of Google Play Balance, which is exchangeable for UC once you have enough. 

You can exchange your Google Play Balance in-game as well. You just need to purchase UC and then select your Google Play Balance as the form of payment.

Method 2: Get an Elite Pass

This method is not technically 100% free. You’ll still need to buy the Elite Pass. But, once you have it, you can win different prizes for completing seasonal tasks, one of which is UC.

Method 3: Check out AppKarma

AppKarma rewards users with free Google Play gift cards when they complete the tasks set out in the app.

You will need to download AppKarma and register yourself on the app. Once done, you will have to complete specific tasks on the app to earn points.

You can redeem these points for Google Play Gift Cards and use the gift cards to buy UC in-game. This means you won’t have to spend your own money.

Simple enough?

As you can see, there are a few legitimate ways to earn free UC to spend later in PUBG mobile. Just try one of these methods now, so you can get enough UC to enhance your gaming experience further.

Who knows? Maybe you can get a big sum of UC and leave the battlegrounds scorned.

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