PUBG Mobile’s newest mode, React: Survival Mode



Ever since the TV series Squid Games hit Netflix, game developers have run rampant creating titles with the same features. Tencent Games is the latest to join this frenzy with their latest PUBG Mobile React: Survival Mode. It’s an additional feature added to the Arcade Mode.

If you’re not familiar with the premise, the Squid Games TV Show had an arena where unwilling players needed to run across to a red line. The challenge was that they had to stop when there was a red light, and sprint again for the green light. If the mechanical doll caught them moving during a red light, they were shot.

PUBG Mobile’s newest mode, React: Survival Mode

The PUBG Mobile React: Survival Mode has the same mechanic. You even have uniforms similar to the TV series. However, there’s a colossal pink bunny that turns to see who’s moving during the red light. The trick is to learn the patterns of the demonic rabbit if you want to make it to the other side.

There are also some other factors to consider. You only have a specific amount of time to accomplish your goal, which means patiently watching the bunny while timing your steps. The other players will do anything to make sure they win and you don’t, so keep an eye out for shunting or other bad behavior.

A few other goodies are coming your way from December 24, 2021. You’ll receive an Avalanche X-Suit, and you may want to look out for the Spawn Island easter eggs for other surprises. We’ll be keeping a close eye on YouTube and Twitch channels to see how players are doing with the new PUBG Mobile React: Survival Mode, and we may even try it ourselves.

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