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How to Update PUBG Mobile in 2 Easy Steps



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile can be an exhilarating Battle Royale experience, but you can’t access the latest Season Pass if it’s not updated. What’s more, you won’t be able to play online with the latest gear and weapons. Fortunately, it’s easy to correct this issue.

Here’s how to update PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS.

How to update PUBG Mobile on iOS

You have the choice to update manually or automatically.

Method 1: Manual update

Follow these steps to manually update PUBG on your iPhone:

  • Open the App Store icon on your home screen.
  • Tap the Updates icon.
  • Tap the Update All button.
  • Insert your password, and select “Yes” to any alerts.

Method 2: Automatic update

Here’s how to let the game update automatically:

  • Tap Settings, and go to the iTunes & App Store page.
  • Choose PUBG Mobile and enable automatic downloading.
  • PUBG Mobile will automatically download updates when available.
  • You can toggle Automatic Downloads by tapping the “Use Cellular Data” option.

How to update PUBG Mobile on Android

As with iOS, you can also select which way you way to update PUBG Mobile.

Method 1: Manual update

Here are the quick steps to follow for a manual update:

  • Tap the Play Store App.
  • Open the Menu icon, and then select My apps & games.
  • If PUBG has an icon stating “Update”, then you can tap on it.

Method 2: Automatic update

If you want PUBG to update automatically, follow these steps:

  • Select the Google Play Store App.
  • Open the Menu icon, and then My apps & games.
  • Choose PUBG Mobile from the list of apps.
  • Tap “More”.
  • Tick the box by “Auto-update”.
  • PUBG Mobile will begin to automatically update whenever there’s one available. If you don’t want it to perform this function, untick the box.

Stay in the game

Season Pass and online gaming are two significant factors in PUBG Mobile, both of which will become unavailable should the app be outdated. If you’re wondering why it’s not working anymore or you can’t connect to a server, this might just be the reason. 

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