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How to Fix PUBG Mobile Internet Error in 3 Quick Steps



PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter game that competes with similar titles like Call of Duty Mobile. However, you may encounter an error where it’s unable to connect to the internet. Don’t worry, it’s easy to resolve, and you’ll be back to online killing in no time.

Here’s our guide on how to fix the PUBG Mobile internet error.

How to fix the PUBG Mobile internet error

Whether you’re playing on Android or iPhone, the fix is pretty much the same, albeit with different settings.

Step 1: Open your Wi-Fi network

Accessing your Wi-Fi network is as easy as opening your phone’s settings. Head to the Wi-Fi connection area and choose the network you are using. Before you proceed, ensure that your internet is actually working, and the signal is strong.

Step 2: Modify the network

On your iPhone, you’ll have to press the ‘i’ icon to access the settings where you can scroll down to the DNS settings. The Android provides you with a selection of advanced settings. You’ll need to change the IP status to Static before proceeding down to the DNS area. 

Step 3: Configure the DNS settings

Now that you have the DNS section open, you’ll need to insert the relevant details. Ensure that you add these correctly, as one small error will cause your internet to disconnect. You can also reset it to the standard settings if you need to.

Here are the settings you need:

  • Google DNS:;
  • OpenDNS:;

Get back on the field!

Since PUBG is an online multiplayer game, encountering an internet error is nothing short of disastrous. It’s even worse if you have events you want to attend with your friends and you can’t get onto the battlefield. We hope this guide has helped you learn how to fix the PUBG Mobile internet error. If you found a different solution, kindly let us know.

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