The best new additions in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

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After a long wait, the PUBG 2.0 release date is finally here, and the update we’ve all been waiting for has rolled out to mobile devices around the world. This PUBG update gives players a new map, new themed items, new tiers, improved game experience, mechanics, and control, and unexpected collaboration.


PUBG Mobile is a smartphone spinoff of the bestselling battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. On May 19, 2022, the freshly updated game launched its latest Royale Pass Month, which will be the game’s second cycle of its sixth season. Read on to find out what exciting new challenges and rewards are in store.

The best new additions in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

The best PUBG Mobile 2.0 updates

Explore the new Livik map

The new map included with this update is called Livik. It’s more playful than previous territories, featuring more vibrant colors. Livik is mostly made of urban environments, but its standout feature is an erupting volcano overlooking the cities and villages.

This map represents a massive game overhaul. You’ll get more supplies and plenty of stations where you can find weapons upgrades to make your arsenal more lethal than ever. Livik is also filled with fun minigames, including a soccer challenge, zip lines, and vehicle ramp competitions.

Stock up in the Advanced Supply Zone

In PUBG 2.0’s Livik map, when you start a match, the game will spawn an Advanced Supply Zone at a random location. You’ll find it sprinkled heavily with a wealth of supplies and shop tokens, as well as more enemies competing for the resources.

If you need some loot and don’t mind getting into a few fights, find the Advanced Supply Zone and slug it out for the supply crates and treasure maps that will help you locate special rewards.

Navigate difficult terrain with the new Utility Task Vehicle

The new release also comes with a brand new all-terrain vehicle. The Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) seats four players and can easily master even the most complex terrain. Whether you want to explore a bumpy forest or climb the foothills of the treacherous volcano, the UTV can handle it. This vehicle has also been added to PUBG’s Aftermath map.

Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), a new all-terrain vehicle

Get out of tight spots with the Emergency Pickup

Another fun and helpful update is the Emergency Pickup item available in the Erangle and Miramar maps. When you first lay eyes on it in the world, it looks like a small, unthreatening duffle bag that you can pick up and later use from your Quick Items stash.

Once you deploy it, the Emergency Pickup bag automatically inflates a giant hot air balloon, which levitates high into the sky to signal to your airborne friends that you need a rescue. It takes a while, but if you attach yourself to the balloon’s tether and wait long enough, eventually a rescue plane will swing by and snag the balloon to lift you and up to three more of your squadmates into the air together.

The plane will head toward the center of the play area, but you can let go and leap off whenever you like. Be careful, though, the balloon, plane, and any airborne players can be seen by everyone on the ground. If your enemies spot you and open fire, you’ll still be able to take damage while aboard the Emergency Pickup.

Emergency pickup allows your friends to rescue you

Enjoy the Evangelion-themed collaboration

If you’re an anime fan, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the new PUBG release comes with a collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion. It includes Evangelion-themed armor and weapons that you can use.

The Evangelion-themed mode will take place in a special blue zone that’s a bit smaller than usual to make combat snappier and more action-packed. In the middle of this shrunken blue zone, you’ll be able to watch or participate in a massive shootout between the Sixth Angel and Evangelion’s EVA Unit 01.

New weapons and armor based on the anime Evangelion

Progress faster through the tier system

PUBG Mobile uses a tier system to keep gameplay more exciting for experts and less overwhelming for newbies. Before this update, the lower Bronze and Silver ranks had five levels each. The 2.0 overhaul cuts this number down to three Bronze levels and four Silver levels. This will help new players get to the most exciting action as fast as possible.

As you progress through the tiers, this update will also give you more commemorative titles, new Core Circle achievements and missions, and exclusive rewards that you can unlock if you collect the right crates.

More improvements to the gameplay, mechanics, and control

Here are a few of the other top upgrades you’ll find in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update:

  • Improved recall feature with automatic respawn and clearer battleground view from the plane
  • Haptic feedback system allows you to enable real-time vibrations and additional haptic feedback for weapons, vehicles, footsteps, gunshots, and other triggers for a more immersive experience
  • Now you can collapse the backpack’s Item Bar to maximize the gameplay view
  • Merged Graffiti and Emotes buttons with even more Emotes available to use in matches
  • Mark and elimination messages as well as tips are a bit easier to see
  • Certain player actions now trigger automatic in-match notices
  • Quick voice messages can now be used to mark enemies hidden behind obstacles
  • Bigger chat area
  • Shotgun has higher range damage and hit damage ratio
  • Smoother smoke grenade animation

The PUBG Mobile 2.0 update is full of brighter colors, faster gameplay, and more goodies

This impressive update gives PUBG Mobile fans more of the colorful chaos they’ve grown to love. If you have an Android device, you’ll need at least 785 megabytes of space to install the update. If you have an iOS device, you’ll need about two gigabytes free.

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